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Insights & Perspectives

Participating Successfully in the Stock Market: Patience Required Thumbnail

Participating Successfully in the Stock Market: Patience Required

Not since childhood, when we were counting the school days left between spring break and summer vacation, has our patience been so sorely tested as it has since last March. In fact, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps we are living through one of the largest-ever tests of our patience, as we painstakingly assess when we can start emerging from the shelter-in-place mandates.

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Why is the stock market resilient? Thumbnail

Why is the stock market resilient?

We investment advisers love to show fancy charts and graphs illustrating the historical track-record of the stock market’s resiliency. If you haven’t seen one in a while, check this out. It shows how markets spend way more time moving up than down. Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ve been pondering during this latest bear market whether these charts really help investors remain disciplined during extreme bouts of negative volatility. Perhaps a spoonful of sugar would help us swallow the doses of intellectual medicine we prescribe for warding off the emotions of watching our investments decline?

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Taking a New View on Coronavirus Thumbnail

Taking a New View on Coronavirus

You know times are strange when you’re hearing from everyone – from the government to your local grocer – on what to do about the coronavirus. Unless we can source some toilet paper for you (here’s some fascinating commentary on what’s up with that!), what else is there to say? Believe it or not, we have a fresh perspective, which we think you’ll find helpful. What if the COVID-19 pandemic is more than just an unmitigated disaster? What if it’s also an important, if incredibly challenging opportunity?

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Helpful Thoughts During Scary Markets Thumbnail

Helpful Thoughts During Scary Markets

Today – March 9 – is the eleventh anniversary of the crescendo of global panic that marked the bottom of the bear market of 2007-09. It is to us a thing of the most wonderful irony that the world has elected to celebrate this iconic anniversary with – you guessed it – another epic global panic attack.

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Three Upside-Down Investment Insights Thumbnail

Three Upside-Down Investment Insights

Often, all you need to be an excellent investor is a healthy dose of common sense: A penny saved is a penny earned. Buy low, sell high. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. That said, the best way to achieve these simple goals isn’t always as obvious. In fact, many of our favorite investment insights may at first seem counterintuitive. Today, we cover a trio of weird, but wonderful “upside-down” investment ideas.

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You, Your Investments, and the Coronavirus Thumbnail

You, Your Investments, and the Coronavirus

The term “novel coronavirus” is so new, some people have apparently wondered whether it is related to Corona beer. (It is not; it’s named after its crown-shaped particles.) And yet, how quickly it has grabbed global headlines. As the viral news has spread, so too has financial uncertainty. What’s going to happen next? Will it infect our economy? So far, U.S. markets have remained relatively immune. But should you try to dodge markets that have been exposed?

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Asset Location Explained Thumbnail

Asset Location Explained

You’re probably already familiar with the three most important factors in real estate: location, location, and location. Asset location is a similarly important, if less familiar best practice for keeping as much of your wealth as possible – after taxes have taken their toll.

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