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U.S. Elections & Stock Market Returns Thumbnail

U.S. Elections & Stock Market Returns

As we move through September and into the fall season, the 2020 US election cycle is coming down to the home stretch. No matter where one lands on the political spectrum, it’s helpful to glean insights from past election cycles. Our friends over at Dimensional Fund Advisors shared some interesting investment perspectives in a recent webcast about US elections and historical stock market returns. Here is a short clip from that webcast.

We will leave the speculation on how the 2020 election may unfold to the pundits. Our focus remains on the ongoing process of tailoring investments to our clients’ unique long-term financial goals. Politicians enter and exit office with each election cycle, but the pursuit to secure one's multi-decade retirement lifestyle remains constant. Let's allow the markets to work for us, no matter which way the political winds are blowing.