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Run, Read, and Embrace Financial Wisdom Thumbnail

Run, Read, and Embrace Financial Wisdom

Run with Resilience:

As the sun sets on September 16th, our office will be a warm and inviting space along the AppleTree 5k race route, offering you a friendly venue to visit with our staff, cheer for the runners and celebrate perseverance.

Just as successful investing requires a long-term perspective, running a race calls for steady pacing and unwavering determination. While the race is underway, we'll have Rob at our office with a selection of light refreshments. We invite you to dine, relax and share in the camaraderie of the event with us.

If you join us for the AppleTree Run, consider it a parallel to your financial journey—a reminder that embracing consistency and discipline can lead to fulfilling results. Registering for the 5K Walk/Run is simple. Visit the race website (https://whyracingevents.com/appletree-run/) to sign up and select "FVIM" as your team. Whether you're a seasoned runner or a leisurely walker, Matt & Andrea would be thrilled to see you at the starting line.

Read with Purpose:

As part of our commitment to your financial well-being, here is our list of recommended books for your fall reading. These insightful titles will help you gain a deeper understanding of capital markets and equip you with the wisdom and knowledge to make sound decisions for your financial future.

The Investment Answer

by Daniel Goldie & Gordon Murray: A concise guide offering clarity on investing principles, helping you make well-informed decisions for a secure financial future.

Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth

by Nick Murray: Exploring the importance of comprehensive financial planning and the mindset necessary for building sustainable wealth.

The Psychology of Money

by Morgan Housel: Unraveling the mysteries of money behavior, helping you better understand your financial choices and make smarter decisions.

Stocks for the Long Run

by Jeremy Siegel: A classic book diving into the historical performance of stocks, providing insights into long-term investment strategies.


by Gale Pooley & Marian Tupy: An enlightening read on the potential of technology and human ingenuity to create a prosperous future for all.

At Fort Vancouver Investment Management, we believe in the power of steady pacing, both in investing and life's adventures. We encourage you to run with resilience, build lasting financial security, and delve into the wisdom found in reading.  We hope to see you on Saturday, September 16th, 2023!