Fiduciary Duty

We typically start a meeting with a potential client by discussing the importance of hiring an advisor that has a fiduciary duty to the consumer, rather than promoting products. We believe that being aligned with the client is a far better approach than the potential conflicts of interest that arise in many transactional relationships.


Cash-flow planning guides us in the structure of an investment portfolio. We consider annual portfolio withdrawals (in percentage and dollar terms), other sources of income, as well as assets that we may not be managing. We believe this is a far better approach to portfolio structure versus relying on an opinion of a perceived expert.


Roughly six decades of Nobel Prize winning research guides us in the creation of portfolios. We believe that risk factors increase expected return and that an investor (or an advisor) would not be prudent to assume risk where there is not additional expected return.

Current Taxation

It is imperative to reduce the tax liability of our clients in a prudent manner whenever possible. We’ve found this can be one of the highest costs for an investor over time and can be very expensive if not considered carefully. We consider the current tax structure of various kinds of account types when we invest our funds. As a general guideline, the most tax-efficient investments are in after-tax accounts and the least tax-efficient investments in pre-tax accounts.

Future Taxation

Potential tax liability is also considered for our clients. Generally, we hold investments likely to have the lowest expected return in the accounts likely to have the highest tax liability and the accounts with the most friendly tax treatment hold assets with the highest expected return.

Financial Planning

We also address broader planning when appropriate, such as potential Roth conversions, potential trust creation and other peripheral issues. These issues are generally discussed in collaboration with the clients and their respected professionals.

Investment Costs

Part of our duty as advisors is to help the client identify and minimize all costs. Mutual fund expense ratios, transaction fees and taxation are all considered. Our fee structure begins at .9% and we feel we are not only very competitive in the world of broker dealers, but can offer a very efficient, cost-effective alternative for our clients.


In addition to having a connection to the Custodian’s website, we offer access to a client portal. Within Tamarac’s Advisor View, clients can view reports, retrieve forms as well as post documents.

Independent Custodian

Our client’s assets are typically held at Charles Schwab & Co. Schwab is a leader for independent advisors, providing cutting-edge technology, security, customer service, and back office support.