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How to “Win the Day” When Volatility & Media Hysteria Converge Thumbnail

How to “Win the Day” When Volatility & Media Hysteria Converge

We have instant access to more information today than at any point in human history. The speed of which information travels is even more mind-blowing. While the benefits can be convenient, the amount coming at us daily can also be suffocating. So much of the media content these days is what many refer to as noise. Wall Street is full of noise that pulls on our emotional heart strings, especially during downside volatility like we have experienced recently. Our colleagues at DFA recently shared a short video that touches on this topic.

DFA is a pioneer in the finance field of academic-based investing. They have supported independent investment advisors like FVIM for several decades now. We utilize many of their fact-driven investment principles and would be happy to tell you more about it!

Enjoy the video!