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How Do You Invest For Important Things In Life?

Would you consider yourself ultra-wealthy? How about impoverished? If you find yourself somewhere in between, as so many of us do, then you’ll find this blog helpful.

Those fortunate enough to have unlimited riches can afford to place their money in Treasury bills and live off the interest with no worries. Those with few or no resources will need to rely primarily on their government, family or charitable groups. However, for many of us, we save whenever we can, invest whatever is possible and, at some point, rely on a combination of our assets, such as personal savings, real estate, investment income and benefits such as pensions or Social Security.

During my 20 years of helping people make wise decisions about their money, I’ve noticed a common denominator among most of our financial goals. None of us wants to outlive our money. None of us wants to be forced to depend on others for our well-being.

Easily said, but how do you plan for that without taking a vow of poverty along the way? Figuring out the right answer is essentially what personal investing is all about, so it’s no wonder we are bombarded with information – articles, books, conferences, newsfeeds and, yes, blogs — claiming to help us make the right financial decisions.

The problem is, more information isn’t always better information. The volume alone can overwhelm. The incentives of those sharing the “advice” is too often suspect. They may be genuinely seeking to assist you … or they may be delivering a sales pitch in clever disguise. At its best, wrong-minded information can be confusing and stressful, causing you to doubt your carefully considered investment strategy. At its worst, it can cause you to succumb to the doubt, and make poor decisions with your wealth.

The goal with my blog is both simple and enormous. I want to help you successfully manage your cash flow so you get to use it for the things in life that are most important to you. To that end, I vow to promote sensible information that will truly help you achieve that very personal goal. I’ll also feature topics or trends that may attract much media ballyhoo, but are best ignored as having no application to you.

As the future unfolds, we will no doubt experience bull and bear markets, bubbles that expand and burst, and governmental fits and starts. Throughout, it’s hard to ignore the constant flow of mostly irrelevant information. At the end of the day, just remember that it’s all about your own personal cash flow and your own personal goals.

If, like many of us, you find yourself looking to maximize your current or future cash flow for the important things in life, then this blog will assist you in the process of prudent decision making to that end.