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Giving Holiday Thanks

As 2013 winds to a close, we at Fort Vancouver Investment Management pause from our usual money-management posts, to give thanks to those of you who have found our insights helpful. Whether you’ve shared feedback with us or enjoyed our posts without remark, we are so grateful to each of you for making time for us in your busy lives. In exchange, I hope we’ve been able to make a quality difference in your life.

Speaking of making a difference, here’s some feel-good news also worth celebrating during this holiday season of giving. Scanning the financial columns in early December, I was delighted to read that the United States has regained its standing as the world’s most charitable nation, according to this Charities Aid Foundation 2013 World Giving Index report. And we’re not just a check-writing nation. We achieved our status through a generous outpouring of monetary donations, volunteered time and direct help for strangers in need.

So, hats off to us, and let’s see if we can out-do ourselves in 2014!