Our Investment Philosophy

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Why do you invest?

Though this may seem a simple question, it is actually quite profound, especially with respect to your overall investment strategy. Here are some possible answers:

  • So my spouse and I can lead a dignified, independent retirement lifestyle
  • To help our kids or grandkids go to college and lead a productive life
  • To make the most prudent decisions about the money we do have
  • To give a little or a lot to my kids, charity, or other important cause

There are many other potential reasons to invest, but these are the ones we hear the most. Why is this important? Making your goals the priority means that our investment process and philosophy revolve around YOUR ideal financial outcome – not some vague plan to outsmart the entire market.

We focus on helping you manage your money to maximize the probability of achieving your particular goals or objectives in accordance with your individual risk tolerance.

For example, if you are in or near a retirement lifestyle that could last for decades, we help you plan for sustainable cash flow tailored to complement your sources of income, by considering these factors and more:

  1. Cash Flow Planning – How much will you need (and can you afford) to spend in retirement?
  2. Risk – What is your balance between long term growth and capital preservation?
  3. Taxation – How can you minimize wealth lost to taxes?
  4. Diversification – How can your assets be managed to build wealth while minimizing market risk?
  5. Rebalancing – In a volatile market, how will you maintain control over your investments and their expected return?

How do you invest?

Portfolio planning aside, there’s another element that heavily influences your investment experience: the decisions you make along the way.

Research demonstrates that the choices you make about your investments can have a much greater impact on future values than the performance of the investments themselves. That’s why we also emphasize ongoing advice about the financial decisions that have the most impact on your future cash flow. For example, what is a sustainable withdrawal rate for you? Which accounts should you save into and withdraw from? How should you invest and divest your money along the way?

When all is said and done, our philosophy and process is designed to help you make the most of your money, so that your money can help you make the most of your unique lifestyle. Why are you investing to begin with? How should you do it? Contact us today to find out more.