The Stock Markets Are High – But Investors Fear the Lows

Investing is a journey that will come with peaks and valleys
Let's face it, Shakespeare's dire warning about the "Ides of March" had nothing on investors' year-round tendency to consume – and be consumed by – forewarnings that financial doom & gloom lies just around the corner. Whether it's the popular press, pundits, politicians, friends, family or the family pet (you get the idea), we seem forever will...
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The Golden Rules of Evidence-Based Investing

As we send our kids back to school for another year, we're reminded of those elementary golden rules: "reading and 'riting and 'rithmetic." Similarly, we believe investors are best served with just a few financial essentials upon which to build their family wealth.  Except the classic "hick'ry stick" is no way to get our message across! Neithe...
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Summer Leisurely Lessons for Your Investments

Recently my family enjoyed some relaxing leisure time, with adventures that took us from Southern California beaches and amusement parks to Arizona's mountains and dessert valleys. My kids' favorite day – mine too! – was when we escaped the scorching, 118 degree Phoenix heat by heading into the Sedona mountains. There, we found a magical place call...
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A Bear Encounter in Real Life

​ It's been several years since we have seen anything close to a bear market, as defined by a 20% or greater decline in equity prices. Sure, there have been a few 10% corrections, but volatility has been pretty low, and stock market gains have been pretty consistent. So, are we "overdue"? In many ways, that's an invalid question. If history is our ...
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